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Services for real estate builders and project developers Services for institutional investors

Our services for institutional investors

By working closely with institutional investors, we are highly familiar with your challenges in the low interest rate environment - You need alternative forms of investment to generate crisis-resistant cash flow, increase your out-financing ratio and serve your financial obligation.
The study „ Diversified and security-oriented “ of the publisher, „Die Stiftung“ shows that more and more foundations and institutional investors view existing portfolios or real estate project developments as target-oriented investments to achieve their investment objectives. Van de Knight Real Estate is your trusted partner who will support you in finding, managing and settling cash flow-generating real estate property.
- An investment in the residential real estate sector - in existing portfolios or new property developments - will secure you, with lower volatility than in other asset classes, initial purchase yields between 3.8% and 7%. The IRR are even higher because gains are not yet reflected by the fundamentally justified demand.

Crisis-resistant cash flows through residential properties - to increase your out-financing ratio, satisfy financial liabilities or achieve competitive returns for investors in funds.

Our services for institutional investors

Investors’ workshops will allow for an efficient and venture-related result and thus secure access to the most suitable projects on the market.

Extensive network of real estate project developers and builders who are willing to provide investment real estate properties for institutional investors available on the rental housing market.

Buy-side advisory in the form of investors’ workshops

Exclusive access to developers and portfolio holders of residential property portfolios

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