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Services for real estate builders and project developers Services for institutional investors

Services for real estate builders and project developers

Van de Knight is your partner in an increasingly challenging environment, marked by rising property prices and skyrocketing construction costs. We are extremely familiar with your problems commencing from similar projects with other real estate developers. The Association for Contemporary Building has found in their study "Cost drivers for residential construction" that construction costs for residential real estate construction have increased by more than 40% since the year 2000. One way, to counteract this dangerous trend and the increasingly common “investment developers” is the global sales of residential real estate projects - Van de Knight can assist you here successfully.

Our services for real estate developers

Benefit from our extensive experience with other real estate developers in a previously similar business situation

Target-oriented conceptual design readily available for the construction of rental apartments and the global sale to institutional investors in the planning phase

Highly structured bidding processes and professional targeting of investors of family offices, foundations, pension funds and plans and insurance companies

Availability of virtual data rooms prior to the construction phase to ensure expedient sell-offs

Provide workshops for property developers to achieve highly efficient and targeted meetings with investors

Benefits of global sales for project developers


Lower your marketing and operation expenses by up to 50%

Based on our experiences with other real estate developers, we will show you how to increase your profits


Lower costs

Lower your finance costs and risk by accumulating higher pre-sale rates or complete forward- financing of credit-quality and reliable investors


Faster sales

Faster sales leads to shorter capital commitments – in return you have a higher turnover rate which allows you to focus on your core competencies - the purchase, the planning, the implementation and lastly the construction of residential properties


Make an even greater contribution to society one of two ways

1) Secure pensions of former professionals for whom institutional investors invest
2) Make residential housing through your real estate projects available to people who
otherwise cannot afford real estate themselves

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